About Us

We come from New Zealand, a land well known for its beautiful environment, with the most stunning coastlines being no more than a half hour drive away. But our home isn’t the same, as we’ve moved into a less sustainable way of living, bringing danger to not just the environment, but the wildlife that lives here too. We realised something needed to change and our little self contribution didn’t seem to be enough.

The four of us girls all huddled around a table and tried to think of a plan, when all of a sudden the idea sprung upon us... we all share a love for jewellery !

As we looked further into the idea, we realised that almost any piece of jewellery you buy isn't benefitting the environment, but is rather destroying it. With the mining for materials along with the manufacturing of cheap and tarnishable products, just to keep up with the ever changing trends of the fashion industry.

We want to be different. We want to make high quality jewellery that cleans up our pollution rather than adding to it. Creating handmade sea glass jewellery that's high in quality but low in the price. Pieces of jewellery that allow people to look trendy and clean up our environment at the same time.   


And with that, Sea Jewels was born. 


Our Vision

Make a stand against ocean pollution through sustainable jewellery.


Our Mission

Produce sustainable jewellery that reduces ocean pollution and waste, making our world cleaner and greener.


Let’s come together. 

Let’s save the planet in style.

Sea Jewels is taking part in The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme(YES) .